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Date published: Feb 7, 2012

Bill wakes up hungover on his dad's bed, with his dad's hot, young girlfriend Margo Russo. All he remembers is drinking with her downstairs at the party last night â?¦ and now she's wondering why his pants are unbuttoned! He's not sure, all he knows is that nobody else is there. Margo stops asking if they fucked last night â?¦ and starts asking him to fuck her right then!

Margo Russo, Bill Bailey in My Dad's Hot Girlfriend

Porn stars: Margo Russo , Bill Bailey

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Who:  Dad's Girlfriend

Where:  Bed,   Bedroom

Categories:  Ball licking, Big Dick, Blonde, Blow Job, Facial, Fake Tits, Foreign Accent, Piercings, Shaved

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Scene Rating: 7.9