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Last Update »   February 12, 2016

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Sex Stories & Articles From Naughty America Members

Wife Wants Back Door After Hearing Neighbors Fornicate

Some people need to see sex to get turned on, but some just need to listen to it. Such was the case with an Alabama man's wife, who overheard her neighbors making whoopee. It got her so hot and bothered she wanted her husband to penetrate her anally for the first time. Talk about arm-twisting. I was working late one night and didn’t return home until about 1:30 a.m. I was tired, and quickly...

Man Has Sex With Sister's Childhood Friend

"Naughty Phillip" is from Puerto Rico. When his sister's childhood friend returns from ten years abroad, Phillip welcomes her home. Approximately a year ago my sister's best friend returned to Puerto Rico after ten years out of the country. She lives two blocks from my house. We used to date, but she stopped seeing me when I was thirteen years old. Now I am 23 and she's 31. When she saw me she...

Man Investigates Friend's Claim About Girlfriend's Blowjobs

“The Sandman,” as he calls himself, just couldn't help himself. When his best friend, who left the country, told him his girlfriend was the queen at giving head, the Sandman had to make himself king. I have a friend “Michael” who is currently in another country. His red-headed girlfriend “Jenny” is also a really close friend of mine whom I met back in high school (we are both 21 at...

Underling Has Sex With Boss' Wife While Boss Watches

"Freddy" had a great relationship with his boss, and an even better relationship with his boss' wife. It was a Monday afternoon and I had just got back from work. There was a knock at my door, and I opened it to find my boss’s wife standing there. "Come with me," she said. “OK,” I stated, "but where are we going?" "To my house,” she replied. “Steve wants to see you." She said that...