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"After School" featuring Aubrey Black, Farrah Dahl, and Vanessa Cage!

After School delivers with three of your friend's hot moms!

“The older I live, the more beautiful life becomes,” a quote from Frank Lloyd Wright.  Aubrey Black, Farrah Dahl, and Vanessa Cage are going to give you a taste of that beauty, as you settle down for a sexy foursome with your favorite MILFs.  They’re ever so impressed with the striking man you’ve become. You’ll welcome their appreciation as they stun you with prowess and knowledge that only age can bring.

Aubrey Black is a longtime industry pro.  After a career in photography she got into escorting, and then broke into porn.  This Australian gem always wows us with her skill, but you can check out her sillier side in this blooper reel video.  And don’t forget to check out Farrah Dahl’s new video with Brad Knight on his OnlyFans page.  You can catch a tease from her here.  The penultimate component of this trio, Vanessa Cage, has played a range of roles with us at Naughty America, from the girlfriend, to the student, to the gym buddy.  Take a look into her world, and check out this interview with Vanessa by Captain Jack.

Download the After School teaser:   
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