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Naughty America VR - "My Girlfriend: Kimber Woods"

Kimber Woods doesn't mind it in her ass...

Kimber Woods is your girlfriend, and she’s ready to spice things up between the two of you as you plug in for this VR experience.  She’s got some warming lube and is hungry for you. She’ll take you anywhere any way she can get you, and you’ve got her right where you want her.  She’s giggling with delight and will have you drooling for more. You won’t want to miss this, it's sure to be a anal good time. Woods got her start after her boyfriend, an adult performer himself, convinced her to try performing in porn.  Since then, she hasn’t looked back. “I absolutely love my job, love my career. It’s very empowering and it’s really fun. I get paid to look hot and have sex. Like, how can I complain?” she stated in an interview.  Here’s a few things you might not know about Kimber Woods:

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